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Black Magic Dynamite Comic Book


Red Hot Rebellion is a band on a mission to save the world with the power of Rock 'n' Roll. Along their journey, however, they've had their share of run-ins with shady characters. The music business is a slug-fest and only through perseverance and sheer badassery, can a band hope to succeed. Thankfully, Red Hot Rebellion utilizes the powers of black magic and quantum physics to augment their arsenal of incendiary garage punk. This "true story," expertly illustrated by Benjamin Lande, tells the tale of one fateful night in Columbus, Ohio..

Pressing Information

Story and Letters by Jim Tramontana
Art by Benjamin Lande
Music by Red Hot Rebellion
Inspiration by Darrin Griffin at Warp Zone Video Games & Beyond

Feast your ear-balls on this insane work of awesomeness. Based on the true story of a night in Columbus Ohio when Red Hot Rebellion met up with a dastardly devil from another dimension!
Originally released exclusively for Cincy ComiCon 2014, this collector items is now available RHR-direct-to-you!
It also comes with a 4-song download code. That's right! Get the song that this story is based on plus three more rockin' tunes!