Alive At The Murderbunker2010 · Red Hot Rebellion · OUT OF PRINT

Recorded live at our practice space, The Murderbunker.
Released on CD-R/digital download through our website.

TWO pretty fucking good SONGS2010 · Red Hot Rebellion · OUT OF PRINT

Digital 7"
Recorded in a full old-school analog studio on 2" analog tape. Analog mix and master. And released digital download only... Yeah, I know...

1. For The Benefit of Evil
2. Built To Rock

The Mission02/03/2015 · Solid Arts and Science · RHR003

The most amazing thing ever made. Period.
60-page comic book. 13-song album.

1. Super Epic Intro
2. The Mission
3. Alright Alright
4. Prepare To Be Destroyed
5. You Bring The Thunder, I’ll Bring The Lightning
6. Black Magic Dynamite
7. Battle Royale With Cheese
8. Dirtbags and Halfwits
9. The Seething Horde
10. Hellabyte
11. Victory Is Ours (For Now)
12. Melt The Sky
13. The End (It Begins)